Our objective is to build alliances to develop and implement new practical models of socio-economic development based on the conservation, recovery, management and sustainable use of natural resources, in order to reduce socio-environmental vulnerability and generate livelihoods that facilitate adaptation to climate change.

USAID/El Salvador focuses on promoting democracy and governance, expanding and diversifying the economy, contributing to maintaining a healthier and better educated population, and helping the country recover from natural disasters. Since 1993, USAID has represented the U.S. Government on the FIAES Board of Trustees. 


As part of the cooperation between MARN and FIAES, an agreement was signed that enables FIAES as a mechanism to comply with environmental compensation measures. In addition, within the framework of the project Escalamiento de la Resiliencia Climática en los Agroecosistemas (RECLIMA) financed by the Fondo Verde del Clima, FIAES will provide a counterpart of $13.8 million. The MARN also has two representatives on the Administrative Council.


The purpose of the agreement with BANDESAL is to join efforts in order to contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives, specifically with objectives 13 (action for climate) and objective 15 (life of terrestrial ecosystems); as well as to move towards an economy and a society that is environmentally sustainable and resilient to the effects of climate change. 


It is the entity that administers the FIAES trusts (PL 480, AID and TFCA) and a strategic ally for the environmental culture activities promoted by FIAES in order to sensitize the public through art. 


A letter of understanding was signed with CRS, with the purpose of articulating efforts that contribute to environmental and agricultural landscape restoration in the El Chingo Volcano Conservation Area, El Imposible Conservation Area - Barra de Santiago Conservation Area, and Nahuaterique Conservation Area.


The Latin American and Caribbean Network of Environmental Funds (REDLAC) is dedicated to promoting the interrelationships of the region's environmental funds through capacity building and knowledge management initiatives that promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the region. REDLAC is made up of 20 environmental funds; FIAES is one of its members.