FIAES inaugurates the environmental photo exhibition



The Environmental Investment Fund of El Salvador, FIAES, and the collective Fotobiosfera inaugurate the VI edition of the exhibition of environmental photographs.

The exhibition, called: Transforming Lives, is made up of 40 photographs taken by the members of the collective in a period of one year and during various field visits to the territories in which FIAES projects are developed and is part of the most important activities of the Environmental Culture program, through which the message of environmental disclosure that the fund promotes is transmitted.

Through these activities, FIAES promotes culture and art as a strategy for environmental education. The objective of this exhibition, which is held annually, is to carry a message of awareness about the conservation of our natural resources in the investment territories of this fund. 

It also focuses on large areas of work: Restoration of natural areas, sustainable management of natural resources, management of coastal marine resources, sustainable agriculture and livestock, restoration of degraded areas, protection of watersheds and strengthening sustainable tourism.

This year's exhibition will have two different sized formats, a larger one measuring 2.50 x 2.60 meters and will be exhibited in Gerardo Barrios Square, from November 22nd to December 26th of this year and will later be moved to other public spaces on an itinerant basis.

And another of lesser magnitude that will be placed on the balcony of the David J. Guzmán National Museum of Anthropology, from December 6 to January 6.

The Fotobiosfera collective is made up of 10 national professional photographers, summoned by FIAES six years ago, and since then, they have contributed in a committed and voluntary way, their work to transmit, through their optics and artistic form, the message of environmental awareness. This year Tammy Cabrera, María Teresa Díaz Colocho, Luis Tobar and David Alfaro participate.