20 MARCH 2018

In El Salvador we are concerned about the continued degradation of our natural resources, but what do we do to reverse the negative impact of deforestation? We share with you the motivating story of Jorge Villeda, a young man who is working on an urban reforestation initiative in the Bosques de Prusia colony in Soyapango.

The initiative was launched on 31 May 2018. In a city with a high degree of environmental pollution and classified as an "Industrial City", Jorge identified a garbage dump next to the colonies of La Coruña and Bosques de Prusia and together with his neighbors decided to venture into an environmental mission: to reforest and turn the site into a green space.

Thanks to his initiative, 80 fruit trees have been planted, including mangos, avocados, Japanese cashews, lemons, coffee, izote, among others. For the maintenance he got the support of his family and neighbors. "Among them was a doctor who supplied me with water for irrigation for a long time," says Jorge

Urban reforestation is used for demonstration purposes to create environmental awareness in the local population and develop interest in caring for the environment. Jorge is a citizen committed to nature and from his condition contributes to minimize the impacts of climate change.

Jorge is a visionary and considers continuing his environmental work. For FIAES it is encouraging that citizens are also committed to environmental restoration and encourages us to continue giving the best of our work.  It is important that we all join together to have a greener and healthier El Salvador.