Turtle Project Strengthens With More Allies

FIAES Project - Funzel, in San Blas beach is strengthened with first aid station for sea turtles


The turtles that appear injured or sick in the coasts of El Salvador already have a station where they can receive the first veterinary medical care for their recovery. This is the first first first aid station for these species that was inaugurated in San Blas beach, La Libertad.

The structure, which is equipped with two sinks, an exploratory table and two rooms for caregivers, was funded by the Body Shop Foundation of the United Kingdom and managed by the embassy in El Salvador of that country.

All organizations working in sea turtle conservation in the country that are part of the Xiuhtic Network will be able to join this initiative.

For the operation of this station will train two inhabitants of the community in San Blas to provide the first care to these species. It is also expected to become a space for knowledge and training about the care of chelonia that are sick or injured.

FIAES works together with Funzel, in this area, in the realization of the project: Conserving the sea turtle population, strengthening local governance and compensation mechanisms towards sustainability in four nesting beaches. This is part of FIAES' sea turtle conservation program: Quelonia.

The objective of the FIAES-Funzel project is to promote the conservation of the four species of turtles that nest in the country, on the beaches of Maculís, La Unión; Playa Dorada in Sonsonata and El Amatal and San Blas in La Libertad, through the collection of eggs and implementation of new compensation mechanisms and the establishment of sustainable economic activities as alternatives to the turtle egg trade, such as a bakery, a serigraphy workshop, training of locals in various branches, among others.

This project is expected to collect more than 169,000 eggs and release more than 90 percent of hatchlings.