Since ministerial agreement No. 31 of March 21, 2014, FIAES has become the ideal mechanism to comply with the environmental compensation measures dictated by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) in the environmental evaluation processes.

The environmental compensation is the set of mechanisms that the State and the population can adopt according to the law to replace or compensate the inevitable impacts caused by their presence in the environment and these can be carried out directly or through specialized agents. 

This is intended to produce a positive effect equivalent to a negative effect caused by the development of investment projects in the environment.  

A través de las compensaciones ambientales se contribuye a la preservación de los ecosistemas, garantizando la producción de agua, oxígeno, alimento y conservación de la biodiversidad.  

Process to Make a compensation

 step 1

Go to MARN to start the process.

step 2

Hire a specialist to carry out an environmental impact assessment.

step 3

MARN defines the amount of compensation.

step 4

Start with FIAES.

step 5

Agree on a payment plan.

step 6

Signing of agreement.

Benefits of making environmental compensation with us

Processes are timely and efficient, reducing time and eliminating processes

It reduces costs because FIAES resolves where it will make the process, with which it will be carried out and the activities to be implemented. 

Technical, financial and communicational follow-up will be provided.

The procedure is transparent because FIAES informs the MARN about the funds received and publishes the approved projects, as well as being accountable.

It has internal, external and special audits.