Clarissa Aparicio

Every day we ask ourselves what initiatives we can implement to contribute so that the environment is conserved, many bad practices start at home as the amount of garbage that we generate and the accessories we use in our daily lives, the first action is to be aware of the damage we do to the environment with bad habits, either by culture or generational.

There are alternatives to start living in a more responsible way, inside them is to stop using plastic bottles and replace them with a thermos that always accompanies us either to drink water or to carry any drink that provides hydration.

At home we must avoid wasting the water resource, if it is possible to reuse the water, turn off the tap when it is not being used, avoid leaks among other things, also to make purchases avoid plastic bags, in many markets in the city the fruit and vegetables are sold without plastic packaging and what they use are gabacha bags, avoid the use of these by using a bag of blanket or cloth.

Why is it important to separate the garbage?

If the waste we have at home is separated and classified, in the right way, can become reusable resources and helps to stop accumulating garbage that then becomes pollution, it is important to mention that not only by recycling paper we are taking care of the environment, it goes beyond that.

In order to do this, a good classification must be carried out, first we must know that separating garbage is knowing how to classify it. The most important thing is to know what is rubbish and what is recyclable, among the recyclable is plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, metal, clothes and fabrics, always clean. And in the garbage mainly organic, food leftovers, plants, also plastic, paper and cardboard with food leftovers, glass and rags and dirty fabrics. Wet or wet debris is usually found in this group. It is necessary to pay attention to close well the bags in where we are going to place them.

Once sorted, recyclable waste needs special treatment. Before throwing them away it is important that you wash them and let them dry. This is the part that can be more tedious, but when you make the habit will not be difficult, always remember that it is done by a good deed.

For awareness and feedback it is necessary to know that some of the materials we throw away take much longer to decompose than we imagine, and with this information challenge us to be more careful with the garbage we generate from home and that we can do to improve our environment.