Since 2015, FIAES has been working under a new strategy based on sustainable local development plans that prioritize conservation objects and whose central purpose is to guarantee the environmental services provided by ecosystems for a better quality of life for their populations. 

All the initiatives financed are in line with the National Environmental Policy and with the international commitments subscribed by the country such as the Ramsar Convention, the Convention on Biosphere Reserves, the International Convention of the Treaty on Endangered Species, the Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention on Biodiversity.  

Within its strategy, alliances with local governments, companies, cooperants and other territorial actors are key.  

In addition, networks in support of sustainable local development have been created to strengthen the capacities of local entities and environmental governance. 

In order to guarantee the results and environmental impact, technical, financial and administrative follow-up is given to the financed projects.  


Local sustainable development plans are novel tools in our country to carry out interventions in territories, with the purpose of having greater impact and reach. This is achieved with the sum of efforts and resources of cooperants in the same region, around common themes and objectives. The methodology used for the elaboration of local sustainable development plans consists of:  

Territory selection

Actor mapping

Elaboration of local participative diagnoses

Strengthening of initiatives aimed at the sustainable development of the Territories

Elaboration and implementation of sustainable local development plans


  Son elementos importantes de la conservación de un medio ambiente

by region to prioritize strategies that allow monitoring,

evaluation and analysis of the effectiveness of natural resources.

Conservation and restoration of forests and protected natural areas

Promotion of sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry

Restauración de cuencas hidrográficas.

Restoration of mangrove forests.

Conservation and protection of sea turtles.

Promotion of sustainable fisheries

Conservation and restoration of the rocky coral reef

Rescue of the natural and cultural heritage

Promotion of sustainable tourism